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Fruit Market


This is a session that is included in the 6 month program. However, I also offer it individually, as an introductory session to better understand how this health journey will work!

The workshop could be any of the following:

  • Grocery store trip, to better understand food labels, organic vs. non-organic, navigating the "healthy" part of the store. 

  • Farmers Market day! We will go to a local market and begin the exploration of local, sustainable, and seasonal products, and produce.

  • Cooking demonstration. Lauren will prepare a simple dish, usually tailored to the client. This opens up doors to see how easy, explorative, and fun cooking can be.

  • Out-and-About. We will get our bodies moving, whether it be hiking, cycle class, online yoga, gym workout, swimming, anything! 

  • Self Care workshop is something that is easy practice to value yourself. Anything from a minute of intentional breathing, meditation, sound baths, massage, etc. 

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