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Meet Lauren Sparks

Lauren Sparks Holistic Health Coaching provides the accountability & encouragement you need to be successful in your health. By providing clients with the right tools and knowledge, Lauren has helped clients better their habits, beliefs, and overall wellness, thus paving the way towards overall health.

Lauren’s wellness journey began with her own relentless research, constantly questioning “diet norms,” reading books and health journals nonstop, noticing the influx of synthetic, dyes, flavors, and lack of real foods in standard diets, and bodily discomfort being deemed "normal" by standard medical doctors. She struggled with eczema, bloating, and irregular digestion issues throughout her life. However, Lauren was able to approach, and heal all of her concerns with diet & holistic lifestyle adjustments.


Following her own healing, she now became a local source of knowledge to her friends + family, she was often the go-to person for all things nutrition & health advice. This inspired Lauren to pursue her wellness expertise further. In Nov 2019, Lauren become a Certified Holistic Health Coach through the School of Integrative Nutrition. This was like the (organic) cherry on top of her previous years of studying, healing, and coaching.


Lauren specializes in freeing people from fad diets, finding peace with food, and learning to enjoy & incorporate more nutrition into their daily meals. She will be a gentle guide, + accountability partner throughout your healing health journey.

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