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Avocado with Seed

1:1 Coaching Program

Lauren Sparks 1-on-1 sessions target the root cause of the issue, and doesn't just give a bandaid fix. Together, we will create a lasting change in your life. 

Do you want to have a deep connection to your body?

Keep reading to learn how to listen, heal, & nourish your body with real nutritious foods, mindfulness & gentle awareness.

The CleanBody Coaching Program is designed to break the unhealthy patterns of diet-culture and heal the disconnect womxn have with their own body, by education on the toxic foods to avoid, and healing the relationship to their beautiful body with nutrition and care.


1 | Awareness on What You Are Eating

Sometimes making it simple can change an entire outlook. By slowing down, thinking about our foods, & checking in with our body, we can begin to heal our relationship with food.


2 | Approach: Process, Love, Curiosity, & Non-Diet Thinking

It is important to reframe the way we approach a relationship with food. Eating, and enjoying food is not a punishment. You deserve to be nourished and energized.


3 | Find The Root

Often times we seek a quick fix for our ailments or pains. If instead we look for the root, then we can begin to heal more holistically. This is both an intuitive and knowledgeable approach.


4 | Ingredient Clean-out

Once we have connected to our Body and its intuitive cues, the next step is to take action. Begin making cleaner food swaps. By understanding the importance of clean ingredients, we can grow our trust with ourself.


5 | Listen & Readjust

By learning to tap into your Body and its power, it will continue to give you cues and hints into whats going on. How to better understand the detox, healing signs, ways to adapt & keep going!


6 | Sustainable Habits

Knowing your own Body is a superpower. Being able to listen, adjust, be consistent and care for yourself is a beautiful experience. Gain insight and tips to come back to yourself again & again with love, commitment, and compassion.


I'll help you learn how to sort through the fillers, chemicals, and toxic ingredients in the ever-changing food industry.

Empower yourself with food awareness & a healing connection to your body.

The 6 month program includes: 

  • Two 1-on-1 sessions a month, to share, learn, and grow without any inhibitions or judgement. 

  • Each session is 50 minutes, and can be done in person or over the phone/FaceTime etc. 

  • A copy of my CleanBody Guidebook 

  • Various other reading materials personalized to you.

  • Grocery tips, tricks, and shopping trips. 

  • Dive into outside factors that could be contributing to your health in a negative way. 

  • Give you the self-love practice, time and accountability you deserve!

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